Add or Remove email account in cpanel:

there is very simple process to add new email id or to remove old
email account from cpanel.

Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. login to your cpanel. Example

www.[domain name].com/cpanel

  1. scroll down and you will see an option of Email Accounts.
    As shown in the image below

  1. Click on Email Accounts, then
    it will take you to the next page where it shows all the set email
    accounts. To delete already existed email, select that email address
    and right above the email address there is the option of delete. To
    create new account, at the right corner of that page, click on
    Create option, as
    encircled in the image below, it will go to the email creating page.

  1. Now you can see email setup form. Enter the user name you want to create. Create password for that user name. You can assign storage for that user name or you can assign unlimited storage for that email account. Finally click on create. You can see email address by going back to Email Accounts’s page.

Hope this well help you create or delete email accounts form cpanel. If you have further questions please contact us or call us on 01282574444.