Data Recovery

Data Recovery is very common problem now a days. There are quite a few different reasons for data loss including accidental file deletion, deliberate file deletion, file corruption, media failure, virus infection and so on…. If you have deleted a file on your computer, and now you need it back – turn the computer off and give us a call to see what we can do to help you.

We have invested quite a considerable sum of money in software and equipment to recovery from hard drives, memory sticks and camera cards etc. and have made a lot of clients very happy!

If there is no hardware damage or failure, we can offer data recovery at a fraction of the cost, and if you’re local maybe same day!

In situations where there is physical damage to a hard drive or other media we would send this away to a specialist data recovery company for recovery and manage the service for you. If there is hardware failure or damage we can offer you the best chance of recovery.

Any type of organization, even if its small or large, they eventually needs data recovery at some point. It is mainly caused by human error. and where there are few people working together these kind of problems occurs.