What is Website? Difference between Website and Web Page

Website &  Web page: A website is a collection of web resources which have unique name (a Domain Name) and published on any web server is call website.

It may contain textual and multimedia information. It can be accessed through Internet Protocol Network by using URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

A website can used for various purposes. Its so common that information regarding any field of life can be found over internet through a website.

Even governments are also using these platform to convey public messages.

Difference between Website and Web Page:

A web page is a single page that contains specific information. For example, a company have different lines or products. every single page containing the information of single product is called web page.

And website is the combination of all these web pages. Simply explaining, web site is a complete book that has many different pages called web pages.

In other words, web pages are the building blocks of a website.

How websites are made?

Web page is written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Then these pages are accessed through Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which then encrypted to provide privacy and safety to the users. Internet browsers then convert page attributes according to its HTML.

Who is a Web Developer?

A developer is a person who makes website using codes and language as per user requirement. Today, you can find many free platforms which allow person, with very less knowledge of HTML, to make his own basic website. But there should be a little knowledge require to create a websites.

Common Terms Used on Internet:

there are many terms you read over internet but don’t what they stand for. Some of them are explained below;

  • Domain or Domain Name: A Domain is the unique name of the website. They are used to identify entities without using IP addresses.

  • Domain Name Server (DNS): DNS is a web based server which save details about your domain name. Such as ownership of the domain name.

  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL): Is a unique address to locate resource on the internet. End user use URL on web browser to access any website. Example of URL is https://computersupportcentre.com/

  • Web Hosting: web hosting is cloud storage where contents and files of websites are stored. When someone enters name of website, web hosting servers accordingly.

Common Types of Website:

There are few common types of websites. Static Website, Dynamic Website, E-Commerce Website and Drop Shipping Website.

  1. Static Website: A static website normally consist of 2 or 3 pages. It only contains text based information. No flash animation or multimedia is present in this kind of website. These are normally used to give certain type of information. For example, website of a doctor may contain name of doctor, his specialization and address.

  2. Dynamic Website: These kind of websites contains graphics. Such as, flash animations, videos, info graphics, pictures etc. you make blog posts and upload videos on your web pages.

  3. E-commerce Website: This type of websites are made for the purpose of buying and selling products. You can link your bank account to it and add a shopping cart. Where people buy products and make payments which goes directly to your account. These website helps growing business online.

  4. Drop Shipping Website: this is the latest type of website. The intention is to sell third party’s products and make commission on it. These website should not be confused with e-commerce website.

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