Step by Step S.E.O Guide

This Article is about S.E.O. You will find about

  • What is S.E.O?
  • How S.E.O is done?
  • Key factors for effective S.E.O.

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What is S.E.O:

S.E.O stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means making your website appears at the first page of search engines like google, yahoo, bingo etc.

It could be done by optimizing your website by following the algorithm of search engines.

Most search engines have their specific way to go through your website. If we talk about google, which is the most common search engine, they have specific crawlers (virtual robots). Crawlers are used to automatically scan and discover the content of a website. They crawl from one page to another using links. By the help of these crawlers google gets the information about your website. Then, on demand of user, google shows that content on search engine result page. To make your content appears on first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) you need to do S.E.O of your website.

It is time taking but very effective way if getting more traffic on your website.

How S.E.O is done:

There are two main steps of S.E.O;

  1. On-page S.E.O
  2. Off-page S.E.O

On-page S.E.O involves optimization of content and looks of your website.

On-page S.E.O starts from selection of keyword. There are certain words that you want SE (Search Engine) to show your content. Then content should be informative and related to the focused keyword. There are many factors that helps in doing On-page S.E.O. we discuss them further.

Off-Page SEO involves building back links. Strong back links could easily jump your website to the first page of SERP.

Key Factors for Effective S.E.O:

  • Keyword:

keyword plays very important role in SEO. keyword is the word most searched on google. There should be a focused keyword related your article. For example, while writing this article I focused on the word S.E.O, make sure you use focused keyword on your article title and headings. So when crawlers crawls for certai keyword they find your article informative then other. Because your article contains that keyword. Like if google Is searching for S.E.O, then it will find my article good because it contains word S.E.O.

  • Title Tag:

Title tag specifies the title of your website. The tags are displayed on SERP as clickable headline for certain results. They are very useful for S.E.O and sharing on other social medias. It has to be an accurate and concise description of web page’s content.

Title Tag
  • Meta Description:

its the summarized description about content of your website. This normally contains 160 characters. It can highly influence user click-through rate. It has to be short and cover most of the detail of your website.

Meta description
  • H1 Tags:

If you are writing a blog or an article H1 tags plays important role in S.E.O. google crawlers first crawl through Title Tag, then go through Meta Description. Then it scan through your H1 tags. H1 tags are the headers of your blog post or content of the web page.

Put your H1 tag (header tag) at the top of the page. It should go after <body> tag.

Include targeted keyword in H1 tag. And if H1 tag is a picture then use image alt tag and add that keyword into it.

  • Page Loading Speed:

Page loading speed also effects the SEO. Google also measure the page loading speed. Mostly user don’t like websites that takes ages to load. Pages with more pictures usually takes time to load. Search engines measure the time users spend on a web page. More they spend time, there will be more possibility that page will appear at the first page of SERP.

  • Alt Tags (Alternate Tag) :

If a page contains more pictures then there should be Alt Tags for all of the pictures. So if page takes time loading pictures then it would at least show Alt Tags for those pictures. So a user knows what those pictures are about. For example, if there is a picture of a Pine wood table, so that picture must have alt tags which says Pine Wood Table. So if page is having problem loading picture, user could know that this picture is about Pine Wood Table.

  • Page Content:

Most important step is page content. Content should have complete information about focused keyword. If focused keyword is about SEO, and content doesn’t have any information about SEO, so that page doesn’t fit SE’s requirements. You must have complete and informative content. Try to add few pictures, info graphics, charts so it looks attractive.

Off-Page S.E.O

Off-Page S.E.O is what user doesn’t see on your page but it helps your page to get more traffic. That’s why its called off page.

Best way to do Off-Page S.E.O is to build strong back links. Back links means getting traffic from other website by adding your page links to them. If you have more links on different web pages it will send good signal to google. It will increase your domain authority. And eventually your website will come at first page of SERP.