Network Monitoring

Monitor Everything – 24/7, 365 days

Everything inside your network can be monitored. Performance Servers, Web Applications, Databases, Networking Equipment and more. Using our solution, we can easily monitor servers, network devices and applications, gathering accurate statistics and performance data
performance indicators like CPU, memory, network, disk space and processes are completed easily once our agent is installed onto you hardware. Our agent is a native process and does not require a specific environment like Java or .NET.

Agentless Monitoring

Using our agent is our recommended way to monitor servers, but it is not always possible to deploy it. For those situations we support multiple agent-less monitoring approaches. We can check availability and the responsiveness of standard services such as e-mail or web servers without installing any software on the monitored devices.
Our Solution supports SNMP agents, present in all network devices like routers and switches. So we can help you with monitoring and capacity planning on your network providing key figures such as network utilisation, CPU, memory and port status. In addition, we can monitor any other device with an SNMP agent like network appliances, storages, cooling and power systems.

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