We have years of experience when it comes to simplifying the relocation process for local businesses, regardless of size. We will have you set up and running by the scheduled date. Our technicians have expansive knowledge which enables them to be more efficient in planning and implementing the most cost effective method to guarantee the smooth continuity of your business operations.
Computer Support Centre’s technical team has experience in all fields of information technology movements as well as projects that involve installation. Our technicians can offer adapted solutions to suit to every business’ individual needs. Whether you are moving one PC or your entire team to a new location or even a server to a new data centre then you can rely on us to seamlessly accommodate the planned transition.
When relocating systems and servers into your new location’s data centre, our team can offer a package that encompasses the technical and transfer aspect of the project. In addition, we can lend advice in relation to racking and upgrading systems as well as reconfiguration to match the needs of your expanding business.
Our office moves service guarantees that expertise, knowledge alongside the resources to plan and implement the most cost effective move strategy to ensure the continuity of your organisation or business.

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