Online backup allows businesses to have a safe, secure and easily accessible version of their data stored at remote location. You can now save your work in one location and rest assured that it will be transferred to our remote backup servers and stored in a dedicated area for your business where only you and your nominated persons will have access.

The Benefits:

 No need for tape backups (savings on tape drive and consumable purchases)
 Reliable easy to use backup software
 Easy to restore files
 Can be used in the event of mass data loss
 Low management overhead

Online backups are scheduled to take place daily (or even hourly if required). The data is encrypted on your site using latest cryptographic techniques and then uploaded to secure cloud data centers.  This means you data will stay safe until such time as needed to be recovered. For recovery the data will get downloaded in an encrypted form then deciphered onsite to its original state ensuring data integrity and business continuity.

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