PC And Mac Support

Introduction To Our PC And Mac Support Services.

Nowadays, it is more common for businesses to request support for Mac systems as well as PCs. For this reason, NovaICT offers an equal level of integration, management, monitoring as well as support across both platforms. We are proficient when it comes to optimizing systems to provide a work environment that is unified over desktop and mobile technology.
Integrated Apple Support
We are able to provide flexible backup services and remote support to both PC and Apple systems. Our terms for this service vary based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you are contracted to or the one-off service that you have requested.
we can also offer procurement guidance, integration of systems, set-up assistance, trouble-shooting as well as devise usage for the following:
Desktop Devices – iMac & Mac mini, Macbook Pro & Macbook Air support
Mobile Devices – iPhone & iPad support

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