Remote Support

Computer Support Centre provides a Remote Support and Helpdesk Service package. Our approach is to provide one contact point for all problems. Including support on all aspects of a solution covering software and general advice. This is offered through our Service Desk function.Which is available as a standard service from 8:00am to 5:30pm daily.

Remote Support enables us to quickly connect to your machine over the network whether PC, Mac or Linux. Therefore, provide efficient solutions to day-to-day technological niggles. This support method majorly reduces the frequency for site visits. This allows us to cut down on the cost we charge you for support whilst enabling our technicians to take on more support tasks at a time. Benefits of remote support is it doesn’t effect working of everyone in the office. it will only access the system which needs problem solving. We have been providing remote support for over a decade. Fortunately we have huge list of satisfied customers. We have team of I.T professionals that can solve almost any I.T related problems.

Remote solution is secure, reliable and has a plethora of features. Some of which include: the ability to initiate a chat session with the user, transfer files between the host and clients’ system – without establishing a connection with the machine and optimized, real time video performance.

Click the link below to download the remote support tool now.