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Our Vision

We had gone through a lot of struggle in our early days. So we decided to help other to grow their business with our IT expertise. Proudly, we have list of happy clients who are running their business smoothly and efficiently.

Why do so many Companies choose us?

We provide professional and efficient IT support and services. For a fixed cost, you will get access to team of experienced IT Support Engineers who can maintain you complete IT System.

We focus on continuous staff training on emerging technologies and practice. Our relationship with the manufacturers of these technologies, including our participation in special training and early adoption programs. Puts us at forefront of new technologies.

Network Installation

Smaller businesses or offices usually do with a few independent computers and a USB memory stick to share files around the office. This does the job to a certain extent but it’s time consuming, insecure and not really ideal. You have to run around to transfer data from one computer to another. Setting up an Office Network, sharing files and printers doesn’t really take much time to configure and won’t cost you much money to put in place.

Server Installation and Support

 The main benefit of having a server is the safety and security of a centrally managed IT system that can report almost any abnormality before it causes an issue. Just about anything can be monitored and reported, from a virus trying to break in, to an employee trying to take the company database, even down to deciding which employee can visit which website.

Remote IT Support

Computer Support Centre provides a Remote Support and Helpdesk Service package. Our approach is to provide one contact point for all problems. Including support on all aspects of a solution covering software and general advice. This is offered through our Service Desk function.Which is available as a standard service from 8:00am to 5:30pm daily.

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Other Services

We provide many services that will help you improve your business.

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