Top 5 Free Remote Access Applications

Remote access applications and tools have been in the market for may years. Making it easier for IT technician to access any desktop at any location in the world. Not just IT guys but users can also access their computers at home or office on the go.

There are may remote access apps available over the internet. But here is the list of 5 best free tools, that are user friendly.

  • Any Desk:

I rank this at no. 1, because I found it very handy and useful. It gives you smooth connectivity by its high frame rate, bandwidth and almost no latency issues. Another good feature is you can download it on any device, android, macos, iOS and chrome as well. can access your computer using any of these devices on the go.

  • Team Viewer:

Team viewer is well known and famous remote access tool used for virtual meetings and sharing presentations. It available in free and premium versions. You can access up to 25 PCs at a time. If you are a businessman and want to give training sessions to your employees, them this could be the good options for you.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop:

Most of the user don’t know that google chrome has a perfect extension for remote desktop. This is also a great tool. There is almost zero interruption during connection. Installing this extension might be tricky but once its done, its great tool to have. This would be the first time you are reading about this tool. If you are using google chrome, then you must have this tool installed on it.

  • Log Me In:

This is one off the most famous remote access applications. It is famous due to its wast features. You can share files remotely and you can even remote print from any browser. One of great features is it offers advance configuration option for business users.

It is great app as a whole and its quick as well.

  • Radmin:

This software best suits to IT technicians. It has two modules. One called Server and other called Client. They both have to be installed on computers willing to work together through LAN. It software is also available in free and premium versions. This also well known application out there.