What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted from secondary storage, removable storage, flash drives, solid state drive, CD’s, DVDs or any other electronic devices.

Commonly, data loss occurs due to human error, but there are many other causes. It may be lost due to a power outage, sending data to wrong person. According to a survey, two thirds of data loss problems are caused by user error.

Sometimes data loss caused by operating system failure, malfunctioning of storage devices etc. In this case what you can do is copy everything into any other storage device like Flash Drive or External HDD.

Sometimes it is caused by drive-level failure, file system or drive partition or HDD drive failure, because of this, data is not accessed by the user easily. Solutions to these issues involve repairing the Logical File System, Partition tables, updating the firmware or using specialist data recovery software available on the market, or physical hardware recovery of the damaged equipment, or replacing the damaged hardware which will enable you to recover data from the remaining system.

Moreover, users sometimes accidentally remove or delete data from storage devices. If you are lucky, you can retrieve data from recycle bin but that doesn’t happen every time.

When your accidentally delete anything, the system doesn’t remove it permanently, it deletes the Directory Structure. The system keeps the space to overwrite data over it enabling the user to think that deleted files cannot be recovered, however this is not the case and the data is still available on the physical drive meaning it can be recoverable if it hasn’t not been over written by new data.

How Data Recovered from Media?

The data recovery process depends upon the factors causing data loss. Data Recovery Software creates a backup, then the software allows the user to restore data from any media in case of loss.

Recovered data from damaged hardware requires Recovery Technicians to recover data because it involves time and a special process to recover it and restore it carefully.

As already discussed, data removed accidentally by user can easily be recovered if it is not over written with additional data by the system and as long as system drives are not damaged or corrupt.

Hope this will answer all questions came to your mind. For further details or Data recovery service please contact us. We will be very please to help you getting your important data back.