Physical Server

What is Server?

A server is a computer system that stores, shares and delivers information to other computers upon request.
It is specifically designed to store and deliver data to other computers or user upon their request in all environments and is usually tailor made for specific tasks. Server maybe setup in local network or internet.
Generally, networks use one or more server to perform specific task or program. The most commonly known sever is web server which is used to store information of web pages so they can be accessed by users through unique web addresses.
The servers are used around the clock, so they are not mean to be turned off. If a server turned off or failed to respond, then it causes big troubles to the organizations or end users.
Servers are specified by their specific tasks. A few common server types used are:

  • Web Server
  • Email Server
  • FTP Server
  • DNS Server

Web Server:

Web server is very known to people. It is used to store information and data regarding websites. All web browsers are connected to these web servers to access information about web pages. These servers are used for all sort of tasks from hosting simple text to images and for uploading and backing up files through online storage or cloud storage.

E-mail Server:

These server s are used to send and receive emails. They use software to download emails to your computer and to send messages back using email servers.

DNS Server:

DNS, Domain Name Server, is online server used to locate storage under specific domain name.
Domain Name basically is name of your website. Domain name is easy to remember as compare to IP address. You can change IP address without changing domain name.

FTP Server:

FTP, File Transfer Protocol, is used to transfer or store files remotely. Computers use FTP client software to communicate with these servers. They are very useful for transferring or downloading data and files anywhere in the world.
Moreover, if you have an office and there are lots of computer working together. You need local server to transfer and share files within your local network.
It is not compulsory to have online server to transfer or share files between different workstations. You can setup your own FTP server by using dedicated PC, but it has to be turned on all the time. If server shuts down, no one will be able to work along the network.
Most people ask if we can use PC computer to setup a server. The answer is YES. But it should be dedicated system to use it as a server.
Hope that is enough information regarding servers. If you require further information or want to setup personal server for your business and any kind of server mentioned above, please Contact Us. We will be more than happy to serve you.