IT Support

IT support means giving you solutions to problems related to IT. This may vary from simple computer problems to the complicated complex network solutions.

Offices rely heavily on computers, your team and staff will become severely under productive when encountering computer and technical issues. To solve these issues, you need an IT technician to Support your business and its operation ability.

There are two types of supports offered by many IT firms.

  • On-site Support
  • Remote Support

On-Site Support, by its name, implies that any problem diagnosis performed on your premises is on site support. It requires an IT technician to visit your site for diagnosing and solving the problem. This is costly, time consuming and disruptive. It may take a few hours to resolve issues or it may take a few minutes however in most cases the issues are resolved in less time than waiting for a technician to physically turn up on site. Generally, problems related to hardware or network infrastructure can only be solved by on-site support.

Remote support is very common and convenient for all sorts of businesses. It doesn’t require a technician to visit your site and can happen while remotely accessing your computer. It doesn’t matter how far the technician is, he can solve problems by just logging in to your computer by using remote access software.

Nowadays, many organizations get remote support, because it doesn’t affect the working of their staff. Only computers with problems will be accessed. This is the fastest way to solve issues. Software issues can usually be solved by this method.

What Are The Possible Issues With My Computer?

Computers run with the help of Hardware and Software, anything happened to them can cause your computer to not function properly. Issues with computer software is usually what causes the problems most of the time. On the other hand, hardware stops working sometimes, but this is not as common and if this happens then the hardware is completely replaced. Hardware gets affected if there is power outrage, forced shutdown or by physically mishandling of computer.

On the other hand, many factors affect the performance of software. Viruses are the most common factor that infects software and causes issues. By using infected external storage media, like Flash drives memory cards etc, the virus transfers itself to your computer. You can also get viruses by browsing websites that contains malware that damage your computer. To avoid this problem your computer should have Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware installed on your PC.

Problems Related to Network:

Most offices have their own local network that they are working on. All their workstations are connected to each other with the help of a FTP Server. As they use the shared network to transfer files or data from one PC to another. Sometimes this network stops working, or the server doesn’t respond to the commands given to it. This mainly occurs when server is shutdown or software used on server breaks down.

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