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08Oct 2019

Step by Step S.E.O Guide This Article is about S.E.O. You will find about What is S.E.O? How S.E.O is done? Key factors for effective S.E.O. So keep reading… What is S.E.O: S.E.O stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means making your website appears at the first page of search engines like google, yahoo, bingo […]

14Nov 2019

How to increase WordPress maximum file upload size? If you have a website then you need to upload files, audios or videos every now and then. So the file size may vary according to type of that file. The default file upload size for any WordPress website is 2mb. Which is enough for uploading images. […]

18Nov 2019

Install WordPress in five minutes: It is very simple now a days to install WordPress on your domain. WordPress is well known platform for creating web sites. doesn’t matter if its simple static website or dynamic website with lots of pages, it is the best platform out there. There are two methods to install WordPress. […]

25Nov 2019

Add or Remove email account in cpanel: there is very simple process to add new email id or to remove old email account from cpanel. Just follow these 3 simple steps: login to your cpanel. Example www.[domain name].com/cpanel scroll down and you will see an option of Email Accounts. As shown in the image below […]

17Dec 2019

Best Servers for Small/Medium Businesses If you are looking a server that will help your business, then this article will give you enough knowledge about servers. For a new business, cloud based servers is an option for them but on-site,dedicated server can give them more security and control over the important data. to select on […]

29Dec 2019

Gaming PC: Hi every one, new year is just around the corner. We are stepping into 2020, new year with new passion and resolutions. For the gamers, buying best PC for games is a hard decision. Let us make it easy for you. Instead of running around and looking for different parts and then going […]

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